The Bellagio 2

The Bellagio 2 immerses you in a beauty with no beginning or end. Beauty is in all its splendor. The boundless green reaches out to you and touches you as if no glass wall divides you and the sheer loveliness outside.


See the sun and the dew romance the grass at day break. Watch players tee off for another exciting match. At sundown, be nature’s guest and behold the sky’s dramatically changing palette. Like a lovely painting, it’s a moment you’d want to share with a loved one, again and again.

This is your life. Your privilege. Yours to savor every single day at The Bellagio 2








• Landscaped gardens and view deck at podium deck

• Horizon edge swimming pool with in-water pool lounge

• Children’s swimming pool

• Paved sunbathing deck and children’s playground

• Function room, day-care center, game room and gymnasium

• Changing rooms


Typical Residential Features

• Entrance panel door viewer

• Individual and electric meters

• Individual mailboxes with keys

• Provision for cable TV

• Provision for telephone lines per unit

• Provision for hot and cold water supply lines (excluding for water heater) for toilets

• Individual Condominium Certificate of Title (CCT)


Building Services/Facilities

• Automatic fire sprinkler system for all units

• Overhead water tank and underground cistern for ample water supply

• Stanby power generator for selected common areas

• Building administrator/security office

• Maintenance and Housekeeping services

The Bellagio 2 Pictures

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