Greenbelt Excelsior

On Top of a Friendly World


Greenbelt Excelsior is shaped by the world around it.  But it’s not just any world.  It’s Makati ’s singularly compelling Greenbelt  district.  Where each day steeps you in the sights and sounds, the motion and energy of a multifaceted city.


Soaring 35 stories, your address articulates your newfound stature in life.  From afar, its sleek, modern façade stands out.  And inside, a high-ceilinged lobby with a centerpiece reception counter makes an elegant statement.


The surrounding Old English paintings offer a glimpse of rich history.  While tall curtain glass frames a view of the bustling streetscape outside, a sheer reminder of your privileged place in the city.


Units Available

Studio    36 – 46 sqm  

1BR           55.7 sqm  

2BR    72 – 83.5 sqm  




12-meter lap pool with paved pool lounge

Male and female changing / shower rooms

Fitness gym